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Module 1 Introduction to SEND - The big picture
Unit 1 Welcome
Unit 2 The big picture
Unit 3 The Waltham Forest picture
Module 2 Learning Difficulties
Unit 1 Learning Difficulties in Mainstream Classrooms
Unit 2 Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN)
Unit 3 Dyslexia
Module 3 All about Autism
Unit 1 What is autism?
Unit 2 Supporting children with autism at School
Module 4 Learning About Visual Impairment
Unit 1 The structure of the eye
Unit 2 Vision impairment basics
Unit 3 Providing support - accessing the curriculum
Unit 4 Providing support - mobility and habilitation
Module 5 Learning about Hearing impairment
Unit 1 How do we hear?
Unit 2 What is hearing loss?
Unit 3 Types of hearing loss
Unit 4 Amplification
Unit 5 Difficulties facing the hearing impaired child in the classroom
Module 6 In conclusion...
Unit 1 Your feedback