Downright Excellent is a wonderful charity that supports young people from ages 0 – 14 with Downs Syndrome and their families.

Their aim is to help children with Downs Syndrome in London to develop their life skills so they reach their full potential as individuals and equally participating members of society through especially, but not exclusively:

  • Educational programmes
  • Quality play
  • Education and support for parents
  • Education and support for siblings

They run a Saturday morning group called DExstars every week and Vicky Rosengarten, a SENDsuccess Advisory Teacher and colleagues from two primary schools in Waltham Forest were lucky enough to join them on May 12th 2018 to see just how worthwhile the service is. They sat in on an Occupational Therapy group where the children had a lot of fun while learning some really useful life skills, such as learning how to do up and undo buttons and building their fine and gross motor skills. The children and parents also have time to play and socialise.

They also run a preschool group on a Friday called ‘Stay and Play’; if you have or know of a young baby or child under 5 who would benefit from the service please get in touch with DEx. This is very popular, so their name will be put on a waiting list.

It was a really inspiring morning – for further information please go to Downright Excellent

For information on the support available to families in Waltham Forest for children and young people with SEN, please visit: Waltham Forest parent forum