Radio aid guide

The transmitter (worn by the teacher)

The receiver (worn by the child)

The receiver (worn by the child)

How to Use:

Wear the transmitter around the neck with the lanyard.

Make sure the receivers are clicked into the audio shoe at the base of the hearing aid.

Turn the transmitter on by a long press of the ‘on’ button at the side.

Check the battery is fully charged by looking at the battery image.

Hold the transmitter beside one of the pupil’s hearing aids.

Press the touchscreen button ‘Connect ‘. The following message should appear ‘Roger X is connected’.

Repeat this process for the other hearing aid (where appropriate).

If the receivers are not identified (do not connect), check the pupil’s hearing aids are working and the receivers are pushed in fully.

Changing hearing aid batteries often solves any problems.

The transmitter microphone needs to be approximately 15cm, or a hand-span from your mouth.

The microphone will need to be muted on occasions using the mic/mute button.

The Roger Touchscreen has a built-in battery and should be charged after each school day to ensure it is fully charged for the next day.



  • Is the transmitter fully charged?
  • Are the receivers fully clicked in place?
  • Is the transmitter connected to the receivers?
  • Has the transmitter microphone inadvertently been muted?
  • Have you replaced the pupil’s hearing aid batteries?
  • If a problem remains unresolved, please contact the SENDsuccess Hi team –

Hayley Adams Audiology Technician,

Sue Muir Teacher of the Deaf-

Heidi Manouchehri Teacher of the Deaf-