The creator is Carol Gray.

CSC is a strategy using a combination of stick figures and conversation symbols to reinforce and explain a social situation or event. It helps explain thoughts, emotions, language and abstract thoughts.

You can use drawings, colours, stick people, speech bubbles etc.

Suitable for children with autism, learning difficulties, social communication difficulties and SEMH.


The 4-step format to writing and drawing a CSC

1) Begin the conversation with how it started exactly (situation).
2) Now target the topic (problem).
3) Summarise the conversation.

4) Conclusion (good advice or skills to learn).

Other tips

• Use a grid and colours that children may associate with emotional regulation, as follows:

Red – angry bad ideas and actions
Green –happy, friendly, good ideas and actions
Blue – sad, frustrated and uncomfortable
Black -facts and truth

• Make it fun, work together.
• Do not add a sanction as an outcome of using this strategy.
• Use CSC to describe positive events, not just when things go wrong.

Additional Resources

• The templates on the following pages can be printed out and used when writing CSCs

Useful Links

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