What is a Social Narrative?

These resources have been created by SENDsuccess to help children with autism, or other social communication differences/high anxiety, to prepare for the idea that lockdown will end, and things will begin to get back to normal, albeit a new and maybe different ‘normal’

A Social Narrative (Social Story™) is a short description of a situation, event or activity which includes specific information about what to expect and why.

The term ‘Social Story’ has been trade marked and is owned by Carol Gray.

For more information about social stories please visit this page of the National Autistic Society’s webpage.

Who are they for?

The current (mid May 2020) situation brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented, and difficult to process for everyone. For people with autism it may be more unsettling as there are still many unknowns about what will happen in the future.

We have written these editable Social Narrative to help children, particularly those in the current year 6, begin to develop an understanding of why the information they need regarding return to school will be coming in stages over the coming weeks. They cannot give facts that we do not yet know, but what they dos aim to do is help children feel more comfortable, and less worried about going back to school, with some practical ideas to help them to prepare for this.

How do you use them?

The idea is that you read the ‘Social Narrative’ together with you child, explaining anything they do not understand in simple, factual terms. It helps to start a focussed dialogue exploring the situation together, providing a safe framework for them to bring up concerns or fears.

It is helpful to re-read the story, perhaps weekly or whenever your child initiates a conversation about this subject, allowing time for them to process the information between readings.

The most effective ‘Social Narratives’ are written specifically for an individual, these ones have been created in ‘Word’ to make it easily editable, it may be helpful to personalise it for you child. You could even add more information about the process of returning to school as it gets released by the government.

Two word documents are attached below. One is simpler and largely based on symbols. The other, more complex text-based document is for children who are more confident with written text.

Social Narrative – Preparing to come out of lockdown – symbols

Social Narrative – Preparing to come out of lockdown – text