Making a pupil referral

If you’re working in a mainstream school in Waltham Forest and feel that you need some additional  help supporting a particular pupil, you can fill in the referral form below. You’ll need to download and get a parent/guardian to fill in the permission letter that’s included in the form.

Depending on the pupil’s needs we can come in an talk to you, carry out observations and give advice. If the child is hearing or visually impaired we may also carry out some one-to-one support work with them. In the meantime, our new online training may worth looking at; it provides information that you and your team may find valuable when working with children with a wide variety of needs.

What you’ll need when filling in the form

To complete the form, you’ll need the following information to hand:

  • A photograph or scan of a completed parent/carer agreement form. It is vital that you have this before starting the process below. You can download a copy here
  • The names and addresses of parents and guardians
  • If the student has EHC plan or Statement
  • If the student has hearing or vision difficulties, it is useful to have any information about any clinics or hospitals they attend, the name of specialists and the dates of of any upcoming clinic visits. Also whether they have a certificate of visual impairment.

Referral form