The Recovery Curriculum Resource pack – helping children back into school after lockdown.

This resource pack is based on the work of Barry Carpenter and the Evidence for Learning team: “A Recovery Curriculum: Loss and Life for our children and schools post pandemic” (2020).

The Recovery Curriculum will help you understand how to holistically support your children and young peoples’ re-engagement with learning after a significant break in face to face education.

It is a framework, rather than a prescriptive tool, on which to hang your own content based around a systematic relationship-based approach. The Recovery Curriculum principles will be configured differently in different schools; fill it with the content you believe is best for the children of your school community.

To help you shape how the curriculum is embedded, the practical ideas you will find in this pack are linked to the different elements of the Recovery Curriculum.

Key Points:

  • Every learner is regarded as potentially vulnerable to anxiety during the transition back.
  • Be mindful that every child’s experience will be different.
  • One size does not fit all – any tool or intervention will have to be bespoke to the individual.
  • Children’s behaviour and cognitive state will regress when they are anxious and have experienced trauma.
  • To ensure recovery is on track, SAFETY FIRST – ensure children and young people feel safe before attempting to engage in any academic catch-up.

Download the Recovery Curriculum Web Resource here

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