A personal reward chart can be used to motivate appropriate behaviour and/ or keep a pupil on task. A picture (or word) of the pupil’s chosen reward is velcroed onto a card and underneath this he or she has to earn a certain amount of tokens to get it. The amount required can be extended as staff feel the child is ready.

N.B. Tokens should NOT be removed from the board once earned. Rather, the emphasis should be placed on exaggerated praise for tokens earned and an acknowledgement that inappropriate behaviour will not earn him any tokens.

reward chart 1

An alternative reward format is for the child to be rewarded with pieces of a puzzle to make up a whole picture of the reward he or she can have. Laminate 2 copies of the picture; use one as a base board and cut the other one up into puzzle pieces. These can be attached with Velcro to the base board when the child has earned them for good work/ behaviour.

reward chart 2

It is a good idea, if possible, to link this with symbols which represent expected behaviour/ ‘rules’, so that the child understands why they are being rewarded. For example, show them the ‘good listening’ symbol and explain that they can put a piece of the puzzle on, or have a token, because they have been listening well.