Webinar Series: ‘My Understanding of Deafness’ for primary students

Unlike most of SENDsuccess’s material This 3 part course is designed for students themselves, rather than parents or teachers. This version is for primary students and aims to give them an understanding of deafness and what that may mean for a young person with a hearing loss.

Part 1:

…guides you through the ear, how it works as well as the different types of hearing loss. It also explains some of the people you might see and visit when you have a hearing impairment.

Part 2:

….looks at what communication means and how difficulties with communication can make you feel. We also look at what good communication is and how we can talk about our hearing impairment to others.

Part 3

…looks at the different listening devices you may wear, why they are so important and how to look after them.
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