Webinar Series: ‘My Understanding of Deafness’ for secondary students

Welcome to My Understanding of Deafness (MUD).

Unlike most of SENDsuccess’s material This 4 part course is designed for students themselves, rather than parents or teachers. It’s for secondary students and aims to give them an understanding of deafness and what that may mean for a young person with a hearing loss.

Part 1

…guides you through the different types of hearing loss, the levels of loss and the impact on acquiring speech. It also looks at an audiologram and helps the viewer to interpret what they mean.

Part 2

….looks at confidence and the role it plays in good communication. This is followed with a look at what communication is and how we can help others to communicate and ourselves to communicate effectively.

Part 3

… focuses on the impotance of looking after our own mental health and well being. We provide tips and practical advice about how to ensure you stay as healthy as possible and what you can do to improve your well being.

Part 4

… looks at the different listening devices you may be prescribed by the audiologist, the importance of wearing them regularly and how to look after them effectively.

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