Here is some useful advice if you suspect your child may be having difficulty hearing.

Why do you suspect your child may have a hearing loss?

  • They don’t respond when there is background noise?
  • They are turning up the television to be able to hear it?
  • Not responding if you call them from some distance away, e.g. calling them when they are upstairs and you are downstairs?
  • They are mishearing things you say and becoming muddled or confused?
  • Their speech appears affected, such as, missing initial sounds.
  • They failed the school hearing test.

First steps

  • Make an appointment with the GP
  • Speak to their class teacher to establish if there are any problems at school with listening.

What happens next?

  • The GP will make a referral to the Hearing Assessment Clinic (HAC)
  • HAC will test your child’s hearing in a specially designed audiology room.
  • HAC will provide detailed information about your child’s hearing.

How and when would a SENDsuccess Teacher of the Deaf become involved?

  • A teacher of the Deaf would become involved after a formal diagnosis of a hearing loss has been given.
  • Our involvement would depend on the type and degree of hearing loss.
  • On receiving a referral from the HAC, we would make contact with school and/or families.

If a diagnosis has been given where can schools and families find further information/support?